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One of the Best Online Bike Destination

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Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Booking Amount Rs 2000 and maximum Rs 1000
  • Stock is subject to availability. In case of non availability the admin team will call back or send a correspondence to re confirm the delivery date or may ask for a change of color based on the stock availability.
  • Any delay in submitting the required document will lead to delay in the delivery process. The customer has to make sure that the respective document are deliver on time to avoid un necessary delay. In case of delay in submission JMB cannot be held responsible for the delay in delivery.
  • Once the selection of bike is made and the payment is received for the same there will be no cancellation, in case of the cancellation before processing will be 10% or Rs1000 which ever higher will be applicable and once processed 100% cancellation will be applicable. No Refund.
  • Any Extra Service charges / Surcharges/ convenient fees where ever applicable will have to be borne by the customer.
  • Any change in pricing at the time of delivery will have to be borne by the customer and the customer will have to pay the difference in cost before taking the delivery of the vehicle or at the time of delivery without fail.
  • Prices are subject to change and company cannot be held responsible for the change in pricing or any other cost escalation, which is government, based or the principal company based.
  • Any Change in the taxation, which is subject to government, may be applicable at the time of delivery.

Booking procedure

  • Prices are subject to change and company cannot be held responsible for the change in pricing or any other cost escalation, which is government, based or the principal company based.
  • The customer details have to be captured, like

                        1.The Name in which the customer wants to take the bike.

                       2. His contact details – Address with landline and mobile Nos.

                       3. Alternate contact address and contact nos.

  • The customer has to select the model of his choice.
  • The customer then has to select the color choice. We will offer two option of color.
  • The customer will also get the option of selecting accessories, helmets and apparels for their purchase.
  • The Total pricing will then be displayed (Ex Showroom + Insurance Premium + Registration cost + Handling Charges + Accessories + Apparels).
  • The customer then can choose the option of Cash/Finance/CC option.
  • Based on the payment options the respective document requirement for each of the categories will be displayed to the customer and the customer has to choose the respective documents that he has to produce and send those documents through registered courier or a reputed courier operator.
  • JMB will then send them the respective documents by courier or hand delivery, which has to be signed by the customer to compete the formality of registration and insurance.
  • The customer has to sign and send the documents along with the other documents which is mentioned in point No 7 along with the balance payment in the form of CHQ, DD, Cash(pick up facility will be provided at a charge).
  • Once we Receive the documents we will process it for insurance and registration online and offline, once done the customer will be re sent the second set of document for signature to perform he final registration process at the respective RTO Office.
  • Once the Documents are signed and delivered back to us we will complete the formalities at the respective RTO office and deliver the bike to the customer.

    Booking to Delivery process time frame

    • Day 1 - Booking if done before 3.00 pm – JMB will send the document set to the customer correspondence address, along with a checklist which will clearly mention the other required document based on their respective selection of Cash / Finance Purchase.
    • Day 2 - Customer Needs to sign the respective document and send the document along with the other required document to JMB based on the checklist provided along with the payment.
    • Day 3 - JMB will receive the Documents and process the same for online registration and insurance and generation of FORM 20.  The Form 20 will be sent to customer by courier or a representative will be sent to the customer on the same day or the next day to get their signature. (Based on the Manpower Availability).
    • Day 4 - the customer will receive the form 20, he will sign and send the same to JMB Back through Courier.
    • Day 5 - JMB will receive the courier and the same will be sent to the RTO Office along with the vehicle for Registration and once done the same day the vehicle will be delivered to the customer.  (This is in effect if the document Is received before 11.00 am if not the same process will be performed the next) day.
    • Day 6 - Same process as day 5 if the Form 20 is not received. 

    Alternatively the delivery can be done on Day 3 or 4 if the customer is willing to come to the RTO for signing the FORM 20 before the registration.

    Note - The above time frame is only for Cash, DD Customers – For CHQ and Finance 2 to 6 additional days will be required.

      CHQ and Finance 2 to 6 additional days will be required.  Additional 2 days as the CHQ amount has to be realized in JMB Account and  Additional 2 to 6 days for Finance the financier has to process the documents and give the clearance and only after receiving the offer letter and disbursement letter further process will be take up.